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Are You Ready to become a Part of Virtual Reality Revolution?

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The world isn’t what it used to be—even reality's getting an upgrade these days. Virtual reality is the next big thing, but it's not exactly just goggles and gloves anymores.Not to worry: we've put together a brief explainer to sort through the differences and similarities between virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.

Virtual Reality is the future of technology?

Virtual Reality (VR), is an exciting technology that has been around since the middle of the 20th Century. It's a collection of technology that presents a computer created 3D environment, offering the chance to interact overview a virtual world. In recent years there have been leaps and bounds in this incredible technology, but it has been around for nearly a century.

VR Cloud Grow Into Many Sectors Like

  • Space Exploration
    RevInfotech Space Exploration
  • Manufacturing
    RevInfotech Manufacturing
  • Health
    RevInfotech Health
  • Education
    RevInfotech Education
  • Military
    RevInfotech Military
  • Architecture
    RevInfotech Architecture

What’s enabled

Recent Growth?

RevInfotech Recent Growth
  • Cellphone technology super lightweight and high resolution screens
  • Internet of Things growth
  • High speed wireless data connections
  • 3D-capable CPU/GPUs
  • High-res, lightweight motion sensors

What Makes a Virtual Reality Systems?

  • 01Tracker
  • 02Sensors
  • 03Haptic Interface
  • 04Auditory Interface
  • 052D & 3D Simulation Software

At RevInfotech, we will help you design & develop VR app(s) for your business so that you can take your business to the next level. From Real Estate business, navigate through the surrounding areas of a property or have a 3D virtual walkthrough of the building before making any changes in construction to gaming apps, we develop VR apps for almost every need of your business that run flawlessly on both Android and iPhone platforms.

Our expert VR app developers can make engaging and futuristic apps for Cardboard, Oculus, and other smart devices like mobiles and tablets.

RevInfotech VR App Developer

What RevInfotech provide for Virtual Reality app development

  • RevInfotech VR Game Development

    VR Game Development

    VR games that form a part of the new technical advancement.

  • RevInfotech Virtual Tour Application

    Virtual Tour Application

    A 360 degree 3D tour of places and monuments.

  • RevInfotech VR Kids & Educational Games

    VR kids & educational games

    Games that are both educative and informative at the same time.

  • RevInfotech Interactive Virtual Environment

    Interactive virtual environment

    An engaging environment for users to feel the reality of the virtual world.

  • RevInfotech Healthcare VR Apps

    Healthcare VR apps

    App which keep you update about your health.

Are You Ready to become a Part of Virtual Reality Revolution?

We make 'virtuality' real for your business

Our quality virtual reality app development services can radically change your tech-related perception

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