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What is Hyperledger


Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger is a distributed and open source ledger which uses smart contracts applications on enterprises and ventures. This blockchain based technology is often termed as Hyperledger Smart Contracts. It acts as a mediator for decentralized digital communities.

The aim of Hyperledger is to boost the cross-industry collaboration by enhancing reliability and performance of the blockchains. The cynosure of Hyperledger is to support open source protocols as well as set standards across the industries. It offers various features such as a common Network Platform, Open source security, Scalability, longevity, Higher Accuracy, Reliable Business Model, transparency, collaboration and Confidential transactions.

How to Start

Hyperledger Blockchain Development

Process Flow


Hyperledger Blockchain Development



Hyperledger is the future of business. Being equipped with latest, growing and most relevant technologies, Hyperledger enables the industry to survive in this competitive arena at a much safer and longer pace.



Backed with consensus and assistive technologies, Hyperledger enables the companies to manage their own stretch of information highway in a unique and collaborative way across all departments and levels of the company.


Open Source Security

Founded by Linux foundation, Hyperledger offers permissioned membership and provides need-to-know basis data. This open source technology by Linux foundation also offers full protection of digital keys and sensitive information.


High Accuracy and Transparency

Hyperledger being an open source platform offers higher degree of accuracy and security which is less prone to manual errors occurring during the Blockchain transactions. Hyperledger smart contracts offer epitome of scalability and transparency in business.

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