RevInfotech’s Engagement Models

RevInfotech is focused on establishing long-term strategic and business partnership with its customers. We help small to large enterprises attain their software-based operational objectives through reliable project based engagements. We invest our technology and industry experience in each project development to deliver quality and scalable output for our clients.

RevInfotech serve our international clients through the use of 3 business models for engagement that can be tailored to meet your specific business requirements. We invite you to select one of our models or any combination of them, which is/are catering to address your specific needs.

  • RevInfotech Dedicated Team

    Dedicated Team

    A dedicated model is similar to having a full-time offsite team; the dedicated team is staffed by resources that are used exclusively by the client and are available throughout the length of the engagement.It enables us to implement established procedures and quality frameworks at the client’s end through a dedicated team of project managers, trained developers, etc. Alongside, we also provide proper infrastructure and equipment as per the specific client’s requirements. You can hire any experts throughout the duration of your project development.

  • RevInfotech Month To Month


    Engagement models based on a month-to-month agreement are ideal for project teams that are experiencing temporary resource shortages. This type of model is also extremely effective when used to push a project through a particularly strenuous milestone period. The flexibility this engagement affords is suited to both long- and short-term partnerships.

    In a month-to-month engagement, the client has access to a pre-determined set of services. The needs of the client’s team are met by applying resources from the outsourcers group of highly-skilled and experienced developers. This is particularly beneficial during periods of peak development activity in that it allows the client to bring on additional resources without going through a time-consuming on-boarding process

  • RevInfotech Hourly Hire

    Hourly Hire

    In an hourly model, project work is paid based on an agreed upon hourly rate. The rate includes all resources and each hour is billed identically. You can hire our expert based on the number of working hours. The hiring period is minimum 25 hours, which can be further extended to a decent number of hours as per development requirements and business process. Payment is made only as work is completed; this provides an opportunity for the business to gauge the effectiveness of the development firm and determine if a long term relationship will be established. Hourly models are inherently flexible; work can begin and end as needed to reflect the budgetary and schedule needs of the client.

Comparison of Various Engagement Models

Choose your Model RevInfotech Project-basedProject-based RevInfotech-based engagementResource-based engagement RevInfotech Partnership EngagementPartnership Engagement
  • Fixed based on milestones
  • Hourly or daily rates based on type of resource engaged
  • Pre-defined hourly rate (typically at cost) + Share of profits earned
Best When
  • Requirements are very clear.
  • Team will be a significant addition to existing team or all of it.
  • Team’s capabilities are known well.
  • Want to augment your team with more resources.
  • Unsure of exact requirements.
  • Starting off for the first time.
  • We could also offer blended rates based on pre-set conditions so smoothen the billing.
  • Great way to start off with us.
  • Agile possible as well if client is fully engaged in the development process
  • Maximum cost savings possible as onus is onto us to deliver in-time on-budget.
  • We could also offer blended rates based on pre-set conditions so smoothen the billing.
  • Great way to start off with us.
  • Excellent combination of your domain knowledge and our technology skills to form a win-win partnership.
  • Shared IP.

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