Customer Relationship Management

It allows business to manage business relationships and the data and information assoicated with them. The idea behind CRM is to gather all information regarding a client within the organization to give a unified and holistic view of each customer.

A CRM system allows business to manage customer relationships, including the data and information associated with them.

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With a CRM system, you can store customers and prospect contact information, accounts, leads and sales opportunities in one central location

Traditional types of CRM

  • On - Premise CRM System
  • Hardware and Software
  • IT Professional Required
  • On-Site Square Footage
  • V/S
  • hardwazre_software
  • crm_professional
  • crm_management
  • On - Demand CRM System
  • No Hardware and Software
  • No IT Professional Required
  • Management Take Place Off-Site

How CRM Benefits Your Business?

RevInfotech CRM Benefits

The Right CRM System Serves as a Central Dashboard for

RevInfotech CRM

Should You Consider Using a CRM System For Your Business?

The Customer Gap
  • Your Customers
  • Know me
  • Be relevant, on time
  • Don’t waste my time
  • Bring me value
  • Positive buying experience
  • Smart Initiatives
Your Company
  • More Pipeline
  • Up-to-date customer status Update records
  • Team Work
  • Approvals
  • Smart Initiatives
  • Go out and sell!
  • Collaboration

Manage Your Leads with All the Right Information


Improved lead conversion rate

Track selling from lead to close Prioritize and route leads with business rules Know at a glance where your best leads come from Get insights with social intelligence

Turn More Opportunities into Closed Business


Higher win rates

Update and share opportunity details as a team Guide rep through sales stages with Sales Path Customize opportunity workspace for your team View complete pipeline through an interactive pipeline board

Connect to Experts, Files, and Customers Faster with Chatter


Sales Productivity

  • Instant communication with experts.
  • Contextual collaboration on proposals, campaigns, opportunities, and dashboards
  • Private deal rooms with customers and partners
  • Improve sales productivity and effectiveness Team Selling


  • RevInfotech ZOHO
  • RevInfotech SalesForce

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