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Business intelligence (BI) has become a quintessential and integral part of modern productivity.Computers have played a large role in the development of bi, especially in recent years.

High performing companies use analytic solutions strategically, what does your company do? Making analytics and metrics easy for employees to use help the people within your company understand your business and achieve success. A business intelligence and analytics strategy empowers your employees with the right information at the right time. The result? Insightful business knowledge with the ability to anticipate change and uncover new opportunities.

Are your company’s strategic decisions based on the right information?

Most companies say that information makes an important contribution to:

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Business Intelligence Terminology

RevInfotech Business Intelligence Terminology

business intelligence solutions

Business Intelligence

has come a long way over the years as technological advances paved the way for greater ventures.

Business analytics

however, has encompassed the ideals of BI into a much more intergal landscape which includes :

 RevInfotech Business Analytics

business intelligence solutions

BI Consultation

RevInfotech offers the business owners the brilliant opportunities to access key Business Intelligence insight analysis. With RevInfotech the implementation of a flexible BI platform is very easy. We help you to reduce your business cost, workload and increase the performance.

Beyond Insights

RevInfotech’s Business Management Platform places insights gained from data and analytics into your business execution processes to drive the best possible outcomes. Whether you embed any 3rd party apps, insights can be transformed into outcomes. The RevInfotech platform transforms standalone analytics into an integrated management process.

Predictive analytics

Surface risks and opportunities by uncovering the patterns in historical data. Our industry expertise enables you to see the hidden relationships. With RevInfotech, you can assign a predictive score for individual entities like customers, SKUs, employees and more, in order to inform organizational processes across your business.

Data Visualization

RevInfotech’s intuitive data visualizations enhance your business’s budgeting and forecasting, improving how you to plan, manage, mitigate, and succeed in increasingly competitive markets for your business. You can create reports and charts from any combination of data. Focus on identifying key drivers of profitability and growth, adapting more quickly to changing market conditions.


Dashboards have become vital to effective business decision-making. At RevInfotech, we allow you to create instant graphical presentations of the current status while revealing historical trends.

So whether you need a departmental dashboard showing real-time numbers related to productivity, new employee’s recruitment or financial progress report to enhance revenue planning, RevInfotech gives you a platform to make all this happen.

What could your company achieve with a
Bland analytics strategy?

  • 69

    higher revenues per employee when a through understanding of business and technical requirements for BI is in a place

  • 20

    reductions in BI expenditures when multiple BI tools are consolidated into a standardized enterprise wise portfolio

  • 16

    lower BI expenditures (as % of IT spend) when they have a formal BI organization/competency center in place

RevInfotech Bland Intelligence Strategy

Industry we served

Through our innovative approach in development we would present you with the right solutions in any of these industry verticals:

If you are not sure how to harness the power of your own business intelligence data – or even where to begin – the team at RevInfotech can help. RevInfotech is a new form of business intelligence delivered as a service that helps managers and executives transform the way they run their business.

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